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Piano Lessons

January 26, 2009


(note to self:  wipe SIDES of piano keys!)

Did your parents make you take them too???  Mine did.  I rather enjoyed it and wish that I had kept it up.  I switched to the saxophone after two years of piano… then 5 years later I sold the sax to buy a typewriter.  Little did I realize that writing was my passion, not music, and that there were books trapped inside of me waiting to get out.

So, we have forced our children to take lessons too.  Like all good parents… whether the kids want to or not.  We have one that wants to.  One that is indifferent, but would like to learn the electric guitar.  One that wants to play the drums…. now.  It is SOOOOO obvious when listening to their lessons what they really think about mandatory musical instruction.  The one that enjoys making music plays at different levels of loudness, different tempos and tries the songs in different octaves.  He is graceful on the keys.  He can also play EXACTLY with the metronome.  This is the same kids that asked for Wii Music for Christmas.  :o)


When the kids began their lessons in September, my Dad asked if we wanted the metronome that we used as kids.  Of course!  Then I found out that Dad actually made it!  Cool, huh?  It still works too… 34 years later.  Dad always made cool stuff.

What do I remember of piano lessons?  I remember my recital songs, The Tarantella and If I Were a Rich Man.  I can’t play them by memory anymore, but I can still whip up a saucy Sentimental Journey.  It’s one of those songs that you feel like you should be lying on the piano in a slinky dress when you sing it.  But it’s hard to do that and play at the same time.  I also remember driving my sister to her piano lessons.  I was such a big help raising you, Christy!

Long live piano lessons.