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Green Team Racing

February 27, 2011

Since Austin had to quit playing hockey due to multiple concussions, he has taken up cycling and is loving it.  For a 14 year old, I’m amazed at how far he rides and how fast he goes.  He does 32 and 45 mile rides during the week….. just for fun.  (what?)  Today he had a time trial race in Wickenburg, Arizona, about 35 miles northwest of our home.  It is about 1,000 feet higher than where we live and it was extremely cold and windy.  Not fun for the bikers or the fans.  Yes, that is snow in the mountains….. in Arizona, land of the sun.

Aus raced in the juniors class and he ended up in second place!  His buddy from his team came in third.  So the Green Team did well today!

In timed trials, they start individually.  (I learned this today.)  The ride was hilly, and chilly, and COLD!  Usually time trials are on flat land, but not today.

This is Vulture Mine Road….. where it all happened.  Great job, Austin!  Makes a mama proud!