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There’s Snow in them thar Hills

February 12, 2009


A rare sight for sure from our Phoenix, Arizona backyard.  We’ve had a cold snap of late, it was 38F yesterday morning when I awoke.  Freezing for here!  These were the temperatures we moved AWAY from.  I’m not trying to illicit sympathy from those in frigid winter conditions.  I’ve heard our cousins in Winnipeg haven’t had school this week, as the city is covered in ice. 

I remember those days in northern Alberta when I would scrape the ice off the kitchen window in the morning in order to view the thermometer on the porch…. hoping for -37C… and no school!  I always hated -35C and -36C… it just wasn’t fair.

One cold school day when I was teaching kindergarten in LaCrete, Alberta, I left for school in freezing weather.  During the day, the sun came out, warmed things up and the meltdown started.  By the time I came home, however, it had dropped below freezing again.  I arrived home to find our screen door covered in ice.  Using the snow shovel, I pounded on the ice until I broke through and could open the door.

I told that little story to say that I DON”T MISS IT AT ALL.  :o  I’m sorry if you live under a sheet of ice at the moment.  Know that you are welcome in sunny Arizona!