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Thar She Blows!

May 17, 2008

 +  = BAD DEAL.

O.K. I learned a valuable lesson today, that I’m sure is a science fair experiment waiting to happen.  There is probably a chemical or molecular explanation for this, but I’m just a mom with a degree for teaching elementary children.  So here’s my profound advice: Don’t put dish soap in the microwave. Why? You ask.  Because it blows the microwave door open and makes a gargantuan sudsy mess.  Why in the world did I try this? You ask.  It’s a long story.  Grab a cup of coffee.

A few days back, I posted my childrens’ brilliant ideas as to what HOMINY is.  Fast forward to yesterday when I actually prepared Hominy Chili, which was divine, but the way.  So today I re-heat the southwestern delicacy in the microwave without a cover.  BIG mistake.  It blew brown chunks all over the insides of the useful ivory oven like Space Invaders shooting asteroids.  In the past, I have boiled a bowl of water in the microwave to moisten the bits of food plastered to the walls and ceiling to increase cleaning efficiencey and speed.  Today I got the bright idea to add a squirt of (get this) Spring Purity Ultra Palmolive Oxy Plus Odor Eliminator Concentrated Dish Liquid.  Would “Red Dish Soap” not sell as well???  Back to the microwave.  I was standing off to the side of the kitchen on the hinged-door side of the microwave…. THANK GOD!  At approximately 3 minutes 28 seconds the door of the oven blew open and soapy water flew across the kitchen like 237 birds sprung from their cage.

In a nanosecond, I screamed.  Loudly.  I jumped.  I shielded my body and face with my arms. My heart beat with wild abandon.  My kids thought is was “Cool!” “Awesome!” and “Hilarious!”  But the interesting thing is that some of the soapy microwaved water drenched my left foot…. but the water wasn’t hot.  Then why did it blow?  That’s the science fair experiment part. I have no intelligent answer at this time.

Anyway, my little range top oven is sparkling. My left foot is clean. And I know not to ever put liquid dish soap on the microwave again (unless I want to scare the beegeebees out of someone… heh heh heh.)