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Hockey Night in Arizona

January 16, 2010


Yes, the greatest goalie of all time, Martin Brodeur,  was at the Coyote’s Den on Thursday and we were there to see him in his glory.  Unfortunately for Brodeur, the Coyotes showed him that the ice isn’t melting in the desert.  Poor Martin let in four pucks and we were happy Coyote’s fans. New Jersey only scored three. (Bah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha….. woo whoo whOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooo!)  That was a Coyote howl, in case you didn’t recognise it.

This all started when Circle K (like 7-11) had this screaming deal where you bought cases of Pepsi and you received free hockey tickets.  Well, after $30 of pop was stacked in our garage, we were the proud owners of six tickets on the sixth row right behind the Coyote’s bench.  Sweet tickets!!!!  We did family night, but since our little girl is still in Colombia, we took our nephew Drew with us.  I’m not sure if he was the lucky fuzzy rabbit foot, or what, but he and Keeve were invited to RIDE THE ZAMBONI!  Any Canadian’s dream come true.  They rode for the second intermission and I took them down to the tunnel while Rick stayed topside to take pictures with his phone.  His phone usually takes really good pictures….. unless you’re in the Arena and they turn out the lights while your son and nephew are on the zambonis cleaning the ice!!!!  Here’s the best picture we have of our son riding the zamboni. {sigh}

They even had a spot light on the boys, put their names up on the big screen and pictured them waving for 2 or 3 minutes each.  It was so cool.  Keeve pointed at Larisa and did the “call me” sign with his hand.  Drew started doing the wave with his hands hooked together because his arms were tired from waving.  They were elated!!!!

And then to make a fun family night at the arena even better, some camera guy spotted Larisa and her and I were up on the big screen TOO!  It was like being famous for .27 of a second.  We always talk about how they zoom in on unsuspecting people and then when they figure it out they point at the big screen.  So of course we did that, in large over-exaggerated movements and shocked looks on our faces.  (Still makes me giggle.) A little old man saw Larisa after the game and told her, “You look good on tv!”

THEN, if the cheap tickets, good seats, two Zamboni rides and the big screen debut weren’t exciting enough…. the HANSON BROTHERS showed up!  And Larisa got to pose with them.  It was THE hockey night of hockey nights in Arizona.

To sweeten the deal to the max, because the Coyotes scored at least three goals, we all got FREE Burrito Supremes at Taco Bell!  Oh my word! This was better than Vegas!