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We Made the List!

October 13, 2010

Here is the latest and GREATEST list of children being adopted from ICBF in Colombia.  Notice anything???? YES!  That’s us!  The 5-6 year-old age group and the Feb. 2008 application date!  SO EXCITING!

               Children Age      Application Date
Child               0 – 1                 feb-07
Child               1 – 2                 feb-07
Child               2                      ene-06
Child               2 – 3                 oct-06
Child               3                      abr-06
Child               3 – 4                 oct-06
Child               4                      may-06
Child               4 – 5                 jul-06
Child               5                      feb-09
Child               5 – 6                 feb-08
Child               7                      jul-10

I thought I was handling the stress of this week jes’ fine…. but the tension in my shoulders is telling me otherwise.  I’ll post within nanoseconds of getting our referral!

Anne of Avonlea

June 29, 2009

Anne of Avonlea 007

We name all of the Bags for Zaza after books, and this is one of my favorite bags, so I picked one of my favorite books, Anne of Avonlea.  This chic little purse has an extra long strap to sling over your shoulder.  It is made of vintage scraps of table cloths, quilts, a beadspread and Calvin Klein jeans.  I know there is someone out there that this little shabby gem was made especially for.  It will be up for auction this week with all the proceeds going toward bringing home our little girl from Colombia.  You can see many more pictures (and click for zoomed-in shots) on the BFZ site:  Please share this with your friends and help spread the word!

Bags for Zaza … Check ’em out!

March 4, 2009


I haven’t heard a total from my sister-in-law in a few months, but my guess is the Bags For Zaza is nearing $4,500!  That is so awesome, thanks to YOU!  Our little Zaza will be home soon thanks to bidders, commenters, tellers-of-friends, etc.  There are two bags this week: one a dingle-ball hot pink number and one  zig-zag blue and brown wonder.


The auctions end on Saturday, so you have plenty of time to bid and tell your friends.  :o)