Christmas Wish Lists


Calm down.  I realize some of you think it’s selfish and greedy to make a Christmas Wish List, but hear me out.  Old folks don’t know what to buy for young folks.  Young folks don’t know what to buy for old folks.  It’s not like we’re writing Porsche or gigantic flat screen TV on our lists.  And for goodness sake, you have to know the name of the game system, or you’ll be a sad pile of tears in Game Stop.  Believe me, I’ve shed a few in there.

Our youngest son’s Christmas Wish Lists are always my favorite.  I save them every year.  One year his list included: lime green mini Sharpie permanent pen, cardboard to make guitars, Batman bubblegum toothpaste, lime green spray paint and a jump rope with rubber handles.  See?  One trip to Wally World and seven bucks later, the boy got everything on the list.

Our 15 year old daughter produced a wish list about 8 or 9 years ago that included white envelopes and scotch tape.  I love it!  She got smart this year and only put two things on her list… a cell phone and perfume.  She got both.  I wasn’t aware that you can buy a phone for $21 and then the owner has to prepay all the minutes!  Sweet!  (Yes, we did buy her some minutes to call home in case of emergency.)

One year I made a detailed list with pictures of specific scrapbooking materials.  Rick went into the scrap store and just handed the list to the lady.  It saved him time and I don’t get real roses dipped in gold anymore.  (Yes, it’s true.)

Another year, I made my list complete with pictures, and then a week before Christmas, Rick told me he was taking me to -50* Saskatchewan for New Years.  I asked for my list back.  I crossed off everything and wrote PARKA in big letters.  I still have the parka…. and I wear it weekly at the arena.

This year I received a gift that I would never have thought of for my wish list…. it’s a 15 minute spot on a local radio station.  It sort of put me in panic mode… because it’s live and you have to be on your game.  I’ve been fighting sinus pressure and I’m no where near my game.  I don’t even know where my game is, let alone be on it.  But the date was chosen for the 16th of Jan…. so I have time to find my game.

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6 Responses to “Christmas Wish Lists”

  1. LaVonna Says:

    I am totally with you on this one. My family requests PHOTOS of what the kids want on their lists. No lie. I go into the store with digital camera in hand and we photograph the items of interest. There is no wondering if this is the right item or not. It is not my original idea. We got it from another family we saw a few years back who sent their kids into the store with disposable cameras. Brilliant if you ask me. ;)

  2. Jennie C. Says:

    I’m fairly sure that you can’t buy a cell phone anywhere in Canada for $21. I will have to investigate.

  3. rixgal Says:

    It was at Fry’s grocery store. Not sure if you have those? It’s an LG 150. And it is much sturdier than the High School Musical cell phone with lip gloss inside that Keeve got her. :o)

  4. Jill Says:

    Please, pleeeease tell me we can phone in during your radio “spot”! Tee hee hee…………..

  5. rixgal Says:

    Not only does that cost extra…. BUT I have too many friends like you, Jill, who I could not trust with a radio interview phone-in number. :o) But thanks for asking.

  6. Jill Says:

    That hurts, man. Really hurts.

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