?#2 from My Sister’s Jar – Manly Attributes

What attributes do you possess that are unique to you as a woman/man?

So the question is really asking, “What manly traits do I have that most women don’t have?”  Sheesh – say what you mean, for Pete’s sake.

Well, I love to fish.  I know a few other gals that do too – but not many.  There’s just something about standing on the bank of a river and casting over and over and over again.  It’s soothing…. serene…. catatonic.

The first time Rick took me fishing was in Hope, BC where we used to camp.  The first day I fished for probably 8 or 9 hours… and I even caught 1 or 2 fish!  Of course, I won’t touch the slimy beasts – so I scream for Rick to come and de-hook the prize… so I could catch another… bigger… better… supper.

Math.  I love math… hence my sudoku addiction.  Math and numbers are straight up.  There’s no “almost right” answer.  It’s right or wrong.  It’s exact and I could figure it out.

Navigation.  Say “road trip” and I salivate.  A trip to AAA to get free maps is far superior to a trip to Victoria’s Secret… much to Rick’s dismay.  I usually navigate our road trips, a trait I inherited young.  I remember requesting the AAA trip-tik books, as a kid; following the yellow line from page to page…. delicious!

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3 Responses to “?#2 from My Sister’s Jar – Manly Attributes”

  1. Jennie C. Says:

    Unbelievable – I share these 3 loves as well. I also like computer programming and home repairs – which are apparently a bit man-ish. And data. I love data. Whether it’s a well organized reading log or demographics for 1.5 million people – I love it! Am I suppose to do my journaling right here, in your comments section? I just might!

  2. rixgal Says:

    Obviously, Crosby men need women who can provide food, find the way to the hockey rink and count money. :o)

  3. pluckymama Says:

    Crosby men like the same kinda women hey? I share your love of fishing but for SURE not the math!

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