Summer Camp


I found out last night that there had been some slight adjustments to the church camp schedules.  Kid’s Camp  (for our two boys) and Youth Camp  (for our daughter) are the same week at the same place.  I was going to go with my boys as a counselor (for the girls… relax).  I have gone for the past 7 years and I love it!  No cooking, no cleaning. Fun all day long… and night long sometimes too.  BUT!  A week at home without any kids has NEVER happened for me.  EVER!  They did all go to kid’s camp one year, but it was only 4 days and the first and last days don’t count.  The two days in the middle were spent wandering around blistering black paved car lots in Phoenix in JULY while searching for a new van.  I think I lost five pounds in those two days from dehydration.  Anyway, it’s not a happy memory for me.

Last night I was telling Rick the glorious news while Keeve happened to be in the room.  Keeve laughed at me and said, “YOU would have to do ALL the chores!”  Thinking that I couldn’t handle it…… what do they think I’ve been doing for 22 years????  I replied that there would be no messes with all the kids gone.  He countered valiantly, “Dad and you would still use dishes!”  I boldly kept right with him, “Yes, two bowls and two plates every single day!”  I refrained from adding Not sixteen cups in one day that are left all over the house and outside half full.  He just saw it as more work for me being left home alone.  What a thoughtful child.

I originally said I would go to kid’s camp this year.  Sorry, Denise.  I’m not now.  Priorities.  Christy can you come visit June 14-20???

3 Responses to “Summer Camp”

  1. The Informal Matriarch Says:

    Oooh – what about me?

  2. The Informal Matriarch Says:

    Actually, this is Jennie – on Leah’s laptop. And scratch that, I really enjoy those kids of yours. Mind you, if it would mean getting away from mine…

  3. LaVonna Says:

    Wow! I hope you have fun. :)

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