Yes, April 21st, 2009… it hit 100 degrees today.   {{{sigh}}}  No more buying Skinny Cow mint ice cream sandwiches in the middle of the day without a cooler of ice in the back of the van.  No more barefoot runs across the street to my brother’s house.  No more lobelia.  No more jeans, unless of course we’re going to a hockey game, but that won’t happen because the Coyotes didn’t make the playoffs.  No more comfortable car to get into.  No more windows open at night.  Bye bye long sleeves and closed toed shoes. 

Bring on the sunscreen and the water bottles.  I just washed all the beach towels, so we’re READY should a water opportunity present itself.  I bet the Popsicle man is happy.

Larisa asked me today why we live in Phoenix.  I wonder that myself every SPRING when the thermometer hits 100 before Mother’s day.  I dream of someday living in a cooler place where plants actually grow in the summer.  Where the a/c doesn’t run 24/7 for six months of the year.  And where there are four seasons instead of just two:  nice or HOT.

I need to go find my fake tanning lotion.  It’s time.

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12 Responses to “100”

  1. LaVonna Says:

    Come move with us to Mississippi. Lots of things grow there and it is soooooo green. :)

  2. Jennie C. Says:

    How ’bout Washington? Somewhere between Aunty Christy and Aunty Jennie? Things never stop growing!

  3. Gramp and Gram R. Says:

    We agree with Jennie C. Washington is the great place. A little snow, fair amount of rain, enough sun and flowers, trees, and shrubsf galore. I’ll send you two or three pictures to your e-mail address just to prove it.

  4. Grace Says:

    Okay folks enough is enough! We want our kids here. Six months of beautiful weather and flowers is wonderful. No months on end of dreary wet weather. Now I’ve had my say — who’s next?

  5. Jill Says:

    Grace has her sleeves rolled up and is ready to take you on. But I am on her side. It rains A LOT in the great Northwest. And where it doesn’t rain – it snows. Too many gray days for me. I’d much rather complain 3 months of the year than 9. That’s my say…

  6. Michele Says:

    Well it looks like everyone else got to it before me but you can move to OREGON!!!!! not only would you be close to your sister but ME too!!!:)

  7. Christy Butcher Says:

    Beautiful flowers even grow in MY yard here in WA! And that is saying something!

  8. Grace Says:

    In the “will wonders never cease” category — Christy saying, “Mom, lets go buy DIRT and flowers to spruce up my yard”. That was a happy day for a Mom with a green thumb. Your Wash. flowers are beautiful and I enjoy them every year when we come —- BUT I still love my sunny days. Thanks for the support Jill!!!!

  9. Jill Says:

    I’m here for ya Grace.

  10. Gramp and Gram R. Says:

    I wish all of you could see the pictures of our yard in good ole Puyallup and you would have to eat your words about raining all the time. It only rains once in awhile to keep things green.

  11. LaVonna Says:

    Okay, I still think my invitation to move to Mississippi would be PERFECT for Rick. We are moving to Tupelo, MS….birthplace of Elvis AND only 1 1/2 hours away from Graceland. :)

  12. Jill Says:

    Oh…. I think I hear Maverick packin’ his bags…….

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