How Cute!

While visiting my sister, yes, the famous one from My Sister’s Jar, I noticed that she had cute red beads on the cords of her blinds in her kitchen.  How cute!  I decided that I needed to have cute beads like her!  See, my cords have never been cut and I just throw them behind that Mexican vase.  Untidy, I know.  The search for blue glass beads in the craft closet was quite successful!  Oh, I love blue…..

Much to my disappointment, the cutesy craft didn’t go down as planned.  First I removed the plastic pulls and cut the cords with plenty of room to spare.  Fine.  Then things went down hill rapidly.  The beads didn’t have large enough holes for the ropes.  I think my sister has thinner cords than I do.  I did figure out that the cords have an inner thinner rope that did fit through the beads, but stripping blind cords does not work as smoothly as stripping rubber off wire.  Right before my eyes the strings got shorter and shorter… I started wondering if the blinds might not go all the way down any more.  So I stopped, frustrated… and tied new knots on the lame, plain cords and replaced the lame, plastic pulls. 

Well, at least they don’t lie in a puddle on the counter behind the Mexican vase anymore.  It only took me five years and one month to cut the cords at my kitchen window.  I guess I could be considered a slow learner.

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4 Responses to “How Cute!”

  1. Christy B . Says:

    Some crafts are just too hard for you. You need to leave them to the craft experts like me. :0)

  2. rixgal Says:

    Yeah, that’s the ticket!

  3. Stan and Val Rober Says:

    How about a drill bit and motor to make the blue bead holes just a little larger?

  4. rixgal Says:

    I did think of drilling the holes, but that is not in my capabilities at the moment.

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