Blundering Butterfingers

Yesterday I did a Coupon $ense Safeway run.  The targets: Charmin TP, Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, Nature Harvest bars and eggs.  Of course I also picked up a few dozen other on sale items, but always the pull is the outstanding prices on the C$ Hot Deals.  I mean, please.  The Cinnamon Toast Crunch is normally priced at $2.89 a box.  Safeway had a special for 4/$10.  Then I had a Safeway flyer coupon making them 4/$6.  On top of that I had 75 cent coupons for each of the four boxes…. that are “doubled” to $1.00.  And the grand total for each box was a mere FIFTY CENTS. (An 83% savings) Why don’t they just hand them out on the street corner???

Onward to the broken egg picture.  The 18 count eggs were on sale B1/G1  (buy one, get one free), so 36 eggs were placed delicately in the cart.  At the check out stand, the eggs didn’t fare so well.  They were the last items I was pulling out of the cart and somehow the edge of the top carton caught the side of the grocery cart and out they plopped.  Trying to correct the situation, I gripped the carton firmly enough to hang onto it, but too firmly for the eggs in my G.I. Joe kung-foo grip

I have never broken a single egg in a grocery store in forty-two years.  That should count for something.  But no.  I looked up from the slimy mess that was dripping through the cart onto my Charmin TP, and said to the checker and the bag-girl, “Clean up on aisle 3…. I just broke a bunch of eggs.”  The bag-girl immediately grabbed a roll of paper towels and was heading around through an empty check-out lane, but then she disappeared???  What in the world??  Not a good time for a potty break.  She returned a few moments later and said, “I just went to aisle 3 and there weren’t any broken eggs.”  Oh.  See the drippy mess by my shoes???  I kindly replied, “It was a poorly timed joke,” and half smiled at the poor girl as we started wiping together.

The egg shells were still in the bottom of the cart so I picked up each goopy mess and dropped them back into the carton.  But, when I finished there was a vacant spot in the carton.  One egg was MIA.  How could that be?  They wouldn’t fit through the cart slots??  I looked all over and finally lifted up the carton to reveal the culprit, hiding from me!  Eleven or twelve of the 18 were smashed and oozing.  BUT, the whole mess was cleaned up in time for me to pay and run from the store red-faced.  “Did you need help out, Mrs. Crosby?”  Not today!

When I retold the entertaining story to my family, my daughter asked, “Did you have to pay for them?”  “No, broken eggs are absorbed into the dumb shopper fund.”  :o)  Thank God, Safeway has a dumb shopper fund.

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5 Responses to “Blundering Butterfingers”

  1. Jill Says:

    There is SO much I could say on this little story. An abundance of things!….
    But I will be kind THIS time and say….. oh, that’s too bad….. :(
    Oh, I do have one question…. did you pick up all the squirmy little white things??? heehee

  2. Jennie C. Says:

    I will never forget the time my mom told me to stop hanging on the cart, but I did it anyway and the whole cart tipped over on top of me and there were broken eggs a smashed mayonnaise jar, and who knows what else. I was horrified and hurting. My mother was embarrassed and angry. I remember being so amazed and relieved that my mom didn’t have to pay for it all. Another thank you for the shopper-with-dumb-kid fund.

  3. LaVonna Says:

    Well Linda, you now have a window of opportunity to find a new grocery store that does not secretly have your lovely face posted on the message board of the employee break room…hee.hee.

    Love ya,
    LaVonna :)

  4. Trish Says:

    Hi! I just did a google search for “coupon sense blogs” and this came up. Do you know of any bloggers out there that share their coupon sense finds? I need a mentor! Thanks! -Trish

  5. rixgal Says:

    Nope, I don’t know any, Trish. Are you a Coupon Sense gal? They have a great section on their website where people share their savings and store finds. Do you have specific questions?

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