In-N-Out Burger! YES!

My husband and youngest son accompanied me to In-N-Out tonight.  It’s so much cheaper to go without half of your kids!  Keeve asked if he could have a milkshake with his dinner…. he got lemonade instead… and was reasonably happy with it.  Part way through my cheeseburger with grilled onions, I noticed a mother in the far corner of the restaurant.  Being a mother, I could read all the tell-tale signs of a stressed out mama.  It was dark outside and she had her sunglasses on….. hence, no make-up… and probably puffy eyes from crying.  Two little kids, ages 4 and 2, who were not dressed warmly enough now that Arizona has gone below 90.  Her two-year-old son was half-crying and half-whining the entire time they were in the restaurant. How draining! The little girl had In-N-Out stickers all up and down her arms…. a distraction device. 

My sympathies were already going out to her…. then I noticed her four-year-old daughter barfing.  Compelled by mother-power, I went over and asked if I could help.  I asked the little girl if she felt better and she said, “Yep!” Then she took a french fry, dipped it in ketchup and put it in her mouth.  Kids recover so quickly!  The mama was still holding a tray of her daughter’s previously eaten dinner.  She asked if I could get an employee to help clean up…. so I did.  But they didn’t move fast enough for me, so I sent my husband to prod them along.  The kind kid took the tray away and soon showed up back at their table with a milkshake for the little girl.  How sweet!

Our non-milkshake-drinking son was flabbergasted, “She got a milkshake.  Maybe I should barf!”  Such sympathy and empathy.  Made me proud.  {sigh}

Not two minutes later I watched as the milkshake was sadly dumped accidentally on the floor.  I went back to the counter to find another clean-up crew member for them.

I remember those days.  Counting down the hours until bedtime.  Bedtime moving up by two hours.  Exhaustion.  Loneliness. 

I was proud of the other mother for holding herself together in shaky times.  She did good.  She was still kind to her oblivious children.  She didn’t yell.  She still held them tenderly.  Mothers ROCK!

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