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Happy 3rd Birthday!!!

July 14, 2013


Yesterday we celebrated with much color and fanfare our Colombian princess’ third birthday with her forever family.  Hard to believe she has been here 2 1/2 years already!  It seems like last month we were enjoying the sights and sounds of her homeland and loving every minute of it!

Nora’s list this year was L O N G, as usual.  But there were several items on there that gave me pause… like Healeys (those tennis shoes with wheels in the heels).  They don’t even make those anymore.  She’s so yesterday.  She also told me that she wanted vases to paint like her big sister Larisa.  I couldn’t figure out what vases Larisa had painted, but oh well.  Later she saw a picture that Larisa had painted on a canvas and exclaimed, “See, mom.  There is a vase that she painted.”  The painting was of a girl…. no vase.  I finally figured out she meant canvas.

Nora hears of activities that her friends do and then she wants to do them too.  Currently she wants to play soccer, do dive, gymnastics, swimming lessons, dance and basketball.  Our family “rule” is one activity per kid.  She is in the throws of piano lessons, which I wouldn’t say she loves.  She is learning how to play, albeit slowly. But all Crosbys take lessons for at least two years.  I read somewhere that it helps with language development…. and if there’s one thing she needs is language development. All that to say, there was an auction supporting youth in arts and lo and behold, there was a basket with a beach towel, swim goggles, a kick board and swimming lessons.  And we won!  So our little fish will finally learn some strokes with names.  She can swim quite well, but it’s all survival swimming and doggie paddling.

The other tidbit that made my heart glad was when she was naming the girls she wanted to come to her party.  There were 21 on the list!  She has 21 friends!  That is HUGE!  Thank God her birthday is in the summer and 16 of them couldn’t come.  :o)  For a social little butterfly like herself, friends are not only a gift from God, but a godsend for mamas like me who have little social butterflies!  What a blessing!

Happy 10th birthday to our little latina beauty!  What a gift from God she is to our family!