My Holiday Planner


Aaahhhh.  Organization at its BEST!  Now don’t go thinking I’m taking credit for this fabulous planner idea.  I attended a conference and took a class on building a website.  The gal that taught the course has a website ALL about organizational tips for the holidays.  Well, this is right up my alley, baby.  Not only did I make myself a binder/planner, I gave them as gifts last year too.  Scrapbooking + organizing = priceless.  Here’s Kris Ann’s website:


The book is pure organizational genius.  It starts with monthly calendar pages and moves through every area of holidaying: gifts, decorating, letters, cleaning, favorites, where you hid stuff for next Christmas, etc.  Of course I decorated mine in wintry blues… my favorite colors that remind me of cold Canadian nights in the snow. 


Last year was my first chance using the planner for the months of November and December and it was the first year in 20 years of marriage that we shipped Christmas gifts to the Canadian relatives ON TIME!  No extra postage because of procrastinating!  Wooo Hooo!


The Deep Cleaning page strikes fear in the hearts of my children.  But, boy howdy, does the house look better during Jesus’ birthday.  It lists every cleaning job possible and then every single room and hallway in the house.  Sweet sanitary music to my ears.  You only do one or two rooms per week and it doesn’t even seem that bad, especially when an energetic mother and her three willing assistants attack the room simultaneously.  Ten to fifteen minutes per room… and the disgusting horizontal blinds even shine.


The meal and baking planning sheets were a Godsend come grocery shopping time.  You just can’t put a price on the value of preparing ahead.  It also adds peace of mind to the season that can be so stressful. I used a plain white binder and slid in the cutesy covers with silver glitter.


For those industrious fellow crafters and planners, here is the complete list of tabs: calendar, planner (weekly countdown of to-do lists), Thanksgiving (meal plans and recipes), cleaning, cards (sent/received lists and copies of past family letters), budget, decorating (magazine pictures, ideas from websites, lists of per-room decorations), gifts (planner with immediate family, extended family, friends, Wish lists, Gift Wrap Center, Gift Closet Stocking Stuffers, After Christmas Purchases and where I put them), food (meal plans, Baking planner, recipes), crafts (gifts to make, magazine ideas), wardrobe (A slot for each family members’ outfits: Sunday, Family Photo and Casual), Shopping Lists, and extras (lists of Christmas Favorite movies, books, music and Traveling checklists).

Join me in Christmas bliss.  :o)

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11 Responses to “My Holiday Planner”

  1. morethananelectrician Says:

    We go with more of a *dart board* approach.

    If the dart board gets missed…nothing gets done.

  2. Christy Butcher Says:

    I just made one for Shari for her birthday and Angela has mine to copy! A GREAT gift!

  3. rixgal Says:

    I like the *dart board* approach…. you could call it Target Planning. (which has nothing to do with your favorite store, Christy.) It’s efficient, and all the prep questions are taken care of in one fell swoop.

  4. Jill Says:

    You must not have had one for 2008 because you missed an entry on December 6th. 5:30-ish…..

  5. aswewalk Says:

    Oh, I LOVE that! I’ll have to put one together. Right now there are just pieces of paper floating around my house with the Christmas card list, etc. And I write out the gift lists about a hundred times before I narrow them down. Then I have to hide all my journals so my readers don’t find them. Lol. I particularly like the colors in yours!

  6. rixgal Says:

    Yes, this book is top secret during the holiday season. Peaking in here is definitely on the naughty list.

  7. rixgal Says:

    Jill, I purposely photographed last year’s pages so no one stalks me this season. That’s all I need… weirdos following me to your house.

  8. LaVonna Says:

    Kudos to organization…love it!

  9. Jennie C Says:

    Your handwriting is lovely. I’m so jealous. I do all my holiday planning with my Blackberry and I don’t clean anything. :)

  10. Oana Says:

    can you send us the writed documents? just those that are made in microsoft office, the standard charts. i neeeeeeeeeeddddd them! love what did u do with u„r planner!

    • rixgal Says:

      Oana, I am so sorry, but they are not on my computer. They were done years ago before we had a huge computer crash. Bummer, dude. Sorry!

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